The following is a history that was presented in the 1967 Sesqui-Centennial book of Monroe.
I will attribute the following to Ruth Cast, as she was the History Chairman of the

celebration of the 150 years of Monroe, but many people helped in the documentation

of the data provided in the booklet.

In 1949, Second Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of North America appointed a

study committee for the problem of its “aged” people. After two years of research and

study of the existing need and other established Homes it recommended the creation of

such a home for its Senior Citizens. Being offered some locations and investigating

others in Ohio and Indiana, the Committee finally recommended the present location on

Britton Road, Monroe, Ohio. In 1952 with plans by architect John Hargrave,

Montgomery, Ohio, the erection of the first dormitory, now Paxton Hall, began.

Completed in 1953 it was opened for residency October 20, 1953 with nine residents

coming to the Home to live. Growth has continued and today 73 residents make their

home in the dormitories and 81 in the cottages and apartments that are built on the

campus. Three types of homes are offered; the dormitory, the two bedroom cottage, and

the one bedroom apartment. There are now fifty-six cottages and apartments and five

large dormitories. The folks who live at Mt Pleasant come from many places in the

country, though the majority comes from our immediate area, Middletown, Hamilton,

Dayton, Xenia, Lebanon, Richmond, Indiana and Monroe. The future presents a big

challenge. The Board of Trustees, recently approved a five-year program which

provides for additional acreage to make a much larger campus for approximately 400

residents. A large administration building with new dining facilities, library, lounge,

recreation, and office facilities together with kitchenette apartments and other residence

rooms has been built. A second new building to be known as the Nursing Center, is

under construction. When completed there will be bed care for about 85 residents.

Mt Pleasant is in its fifteenth year of operation, its growth has been steady and

encouraging. When completed it will cover an area of forty two acres containing the

finest and most modern facilities. Mt Pleasant is one of six Ohio Presbyterian Homes,

The Council of Trustees is made up of Wilfred Martin, Cincinnati; Calvin Verity,

Middletown; Mrs E.S. Klosterman, Dayton; Ralph Giffin, St Clairsville; Robert Mitzel,

Monroe; Dr. R.E. Boyer is Area Superintendent in Charge of Mt. Pleasant.

So ends the story as it was presented in 1967 .but as we look at that beautiful campus

on Britton Lane, we see the actual story as just really starting, a living, breathing force

that accomplishes so much positive energy within our community. Mt Pleasant is home

and safe haven for so many of our friends and relatives and does much more than just

care for old folks. (I can say that because I am one of those in that age category.)

In the last 42 years there has been even more growth, including many more homes, more

apartments available, and a huge expansion of facilities that make a positive mark on our

community. Because of the niche that it has filled, we have been blessed with being able

to have the use and benefit of substantial knowledge and educational value of hundreds

of senior citizens who might not have been in this community were it not for Mt


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