7 p.m. on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26th 2017….

I, JOHN BAKER, the first settler of this lil ole area, will be meeting the groups as they proceed into the Mound Cemetery.

Meet; John Baker, Nathaniel Sackett, Austin Boyd, Peter Jotter, The Unknown Soldier and more in period dress as you go through the cemetery.

Meeting Time; 6:00 PM Monroe Community Park
Event Start; 7:00 PM

1……..If inclement weather hits us, we have the availability/use of the Monroe Methodist Church sanctuary.
2……..All (participants and visitors) are to park in the front area of the Monroe Community Park.
3……..All will trek from the Park, across the field in front of the cemetery front fence, and meet JOHN BAKER at the front gate of the cemetery.
4……..We will not be going towards the back of the cemetery or the Park.
5……..Due to the time of the year, We are requesting that the following is done…………
a) No dogs allowed
b) Flashlights will be very advisable for everyone
c) All visitors are requested/required to stay on the pavement paths inside the cemetery (for obvious reasons) and to stay with the group
d) Gathering time will be shortly after 6 p.m. with the Walk actually starting to process through the front gate of the cemetery at 7 p.m.
e) All need to be very aware……there are no bathrooms available in/around the cemetery

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